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We Carry Out Pool Repairs and Renovations in and Around Belleville

Add Value to Your Home

Is your pool covered in tiles or vinyl patterns than haven’t been in style for decades? If you don’t find them attractive, guests and potential homebuyers won’t either. Renovating your pool is an investment that will not only allow you to enjoy your backyard to its fullest, but also increase the value of your property.

R.C.F. Pools has been renovating pools and hot tubs in the Belleville area for over 35 years, so we’ve seen how styles have evolved over time. Our team can help you add functional and aesthetic value to your pool by upgrading its features and resurfacing it with modern materials such as fiberglass, natural stone, and cement.

Precise and Long-Lasting Repairs

On top of knowing their way around pool renovations, our professional technicians can repair or replace faulty equipment such as pumps, filters, motors, and more. We’re proud to carry out high-quality pool and hot tub repairs that you can depend on. All you have to do is let us do the work, and we’ll keep your pool running smoothly! Our expertise on in-ground and above-ground pools includes:

  • Leak detection and repairs

  • Liner replacements and patching

  • Pool pump repairs

  • Filter repairs

  • Heater repairs

  • Motor repairs

  • Light repairs

  • Diving board and water slide repairs

  • Winter cover, solar blanket, and hot tub cover replacement

  • Hot tub repairs

Perfect pools

Check out some of our work

So if your pool pump isn't circulating water anymore or if your pool heater is stone cold, give our technicians a call!

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