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The Key to Quality Pool Services in the Belleville Area: Us!

Want to forget the neighbourhood public pool and enjoy a refreshing swim in your own backyard? Drop by R.C.F. Pools in Belleville and speak to an experienced counsellor. We’ll help you choose from a wide variety of above-ground and in-ground pools that’ll suit your family’s needs as well as your budget. R.C.F Pools has your best interests in mind. We can handle everything related to your pool so all you have to do is sit back in your pool lounger and relax.


Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Are you planning on using your swimming pool every day during the summer, or will it mostly be used on special occasions such as visits from your grandchildren or weekend trips to the cottage? If you’re getting a pool, do you plan on using it during the winter or just the summer? R.C.F. Pools can help you make an informed decision based on your lifestyle.


Things to Keep in Mind

You’ll need to factor in an installation or construction budget as well as decide how much time and money you’re willing to put into maintenance. We’ll help you pick quality materials at a great value and take local laws into account when planning your pool’s location in your backyard. Before we install your pool, be sure to contact your insurance company to make sure you’re fully covered.


Visit our store and speak to our team for more information on choosing the right pool for you.


We're an official Hayward product dealer.

pool with cement deck


R C F Pools

So you’ve found the pool of your dreams, and you know just where you want it. But unlike a lawn chair that you can just unfold and use, pools take a lot of planning and equipment to install. Find out how we can make your backyard spa getaway a reality.

pool with slide


R C F Pools

Whether you need to fix a few broken tiles in your pool or have it rebuilt from scratch, our team can help. We can repair worn-out parts and replace them with new ones or upgrade your wading pool to a diver’s dream that will make your jaw drop.

beautiful pool


R C F Pools

Are you tired of handling messy chemicals and always guessing about which ones to add to your pool or spa? Let our technicians take care of all the maintenance details for you. We can clean your pool, adjust its chemical levels, and open and close it for the season.

Pool Cover


R C F Pools

Worried about seasonal charges that affect your pool? Don’t worry, we got it covered. We have everything that you require to close your pool.


Ready to sit back and enjoy your time off? Contact us for professional pool services!

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